Wildlife on Trails

Wild Aware Utah is a non-advocacy conservation program working through collaborative effort to provide proactive education to minimize conflict between people and wildlife.

The back-country trail system in the greater Park City area has expanded considerably since 1996 when Basin Recreation began development of the Basin's community-wide, non-motorized trail system.  Of all the public recreation facilities and activities offered by the District, trail use ranks number one.

With the popularity of backcountry trails, wildlife encounters have increased significantly in recent years.  Wildlife viewing is a tremendous added value to the trail experience, but surprise encounters occur frequently and knowing how to react is important.

The Park City based Wildlife Protection Society (WPS) has worked in partnership with Utah's Hogle Zoo, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), and Utah State University (USU) in the development of tools to educate trail users about how to recreate safely in the region.

Please view the Wild Aware Utah information presented in the PDF's below and keep your dogs leashed!

For more information, go to www.wildawareutah.org.