Youth Swim Lessons

Basin Recreation provides swimming lessons to children of all ages and skill levels. We offer small class sizes with a maximum of 4 children to 1 instructor in our Guppy classes and 6 children to 1 instructor in our Color Group classes. Classes are held as a group and structured by age and ability to accommodate varying skill levels within each age group. The swim instructors are trained in safety, class management and keeping children engaged with enthusiasm, imagination and fun! All instructors are also CPR and First Aid certified. 

Guppy Swim School For children 3-5 years of age, this class is designed to orient children to the water with the full support of the instructor. This class teaches basic aquatic skills (front and back glide, back float, treading water, alternating leg and arm actions on front/back). In addition, children are taught safety in and around the water. This class is designed to help children gain the confidence and skills to swim independently with and without the aid of floatation devices. Some of the more advanced skills taught include: jumping from the side unsupported, back float unsupported for 5 seconds, swim on front with face submerged making progress for 1 body length, and recover to a standing position without support from instructor or floatation devices.  REGISTER HERE
Red Group This is our introductory class for ages 6-15. This group concentrates on safety and comfort in the water. Some of the skills taught include: front float without support, back float with support, front glide, back glide, rolling in the water, recovering from the floats, treading, swimming on front and back for short distances. These skills are lifesaving techniques as well as beginning stroke methods. Most of the skills are done with assistance. Participants also learn to bob in the water, submerging their whole heads and learning breath control.  REGISTER HERE
Orange Group Orange Group is for the child that is comfortable in the water and doing skills without assistance. The group's focus is becoming safer in the water by learning several ways to float. Some of the skills that participants will practice include: submerging and retrieving sticks from the bottom of the pool, bobbing, treading with no support for 10 seconds, front floats, and back float without assistance for 15 seconds. Participants will learn the basics of front crawl with rolling to their backs for a breath (a must for proper freestyle technique), elementary backstroke, backstroke and finning on their backs. Correct swim technique is enforced for success as the child moves through all the groups. REGISTER HERE
Yellow Group This group will improve on the skills learned in the Orange Group. Participants learn rotary breath for front crawl, pushing off the wall under the water and streamline kicking for 15 yards, building on elementary backstroke and backstroke. More advanced safety skills are accomplished such as deep-water skills like floating for 30 seconds, and treading water for 1 minute. Diving is also introduced. This group also begins swimming yardage required for success in the next 2 color groups.  REGISTER HERE
Green Group The Green Group continues to build on the strokes that have been taught in previous levels. More work is required on the body rotation, the pull, and the recovery of the freestyle. In this group, participants practice pushing off the wall under water on their backs and then streamline kicking for 15 yards. For backstroke, body rotation and the recovery are the focus. For elementary backstroke, they work on perfecting the kick and increasing endurance. In this group, we start to introduce breaststroke by learning the pull and kick separately. Butterfly is also introduced. Safety skills include treading water for 3 minutes and reviewing the safety rules learned in previous groups. REGISTER HERE
Blue Group This group equips the swimmer with skills to pursue a swim team. Endurance is a focus for freestyle (50 yards), elementary backstroke (100 yards) and backstroke (50 yards). The pull for backstroke is refined. Participants build on their knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly, improving the timing of the two strokes plus the recovery. Start dives, surface dives, and open turns are learned. Safety skills include sculling, treading for 5 minutes, as well as briefly reiterating the safety topics we have covered in the previous groups.  REGISTER HERE
Every skill must be learned before progression to the next group. The skills learned in each group are expanded on in the next group and more difficult techniques are introduced. Please remember, it's not about your child "passing" a group. It's about mastering the skills so success in the next group is possible. 

For more information on these swim lessons, please call The Basin Recreation Fieldhouse at 435-655-0999.