Operational Changes Following New Public Health Order

January 7, 2022
operational changes following new public health order

Effective at 12am midnight on January 7, 2022, Summit County issued a 45-day mask mandate for all indoor public spaces throughout Summit County. This mandate is being implemented in light of record-breaking COVID-19 case numbers occurring right now in both Summit County and across the state. Accordingly, we want to let you know what to expect during the next six weeks.

Summit County Public Health Order 2022-01 states that all individuals living within Summit County Utah regardless of vaccination status must wear a face covering while inside public indoor facilities or waiting in lines. There is an exemption for anyone exercising or engaging in athletic training while indoors so long as one can maintain at least six feet of physical distance from any other individual.

Consequently, we ask that you wear a mask into and out of The Fieldhouse and anytime while not actively exercising. You are then able to remove your mask when you begin exercising, as long as you maintain 6-feet of distance from others. Please be courteous and socially distance by choosing equipment away from others already working out.

The mask mandate does not apply to individuals who are “actively performing as an athlete,” which includes individuals participating in sports and recreational programming. All participants must wear a mask in and out of The Fieldhouse, as well as when not actively performing (sitting on the bench, meeting as a team, etc.). All spectators and coaches are asked to wear a face covering.

Signage will be posted throughout the facility and our Front Desk staff will be informing patrons upon entry of this change in operations. Disposable face coverings will be available to those who need them. We ask you, our dedicated patrons, to help make this temporary change go as smoothly as possible by voluntarily complying with this mandate. The health and safety of our patrons and community is of the utmost importance to us.