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Impact Fees

Impact fees are one-time fees that are paid to the District by developers/individuals who construct new housing, commercial/retail, office, or industrial buildings in the Snyderville Basin (the un-incorporated area surrounding Park City). These fees contribute to the capital costs associated with the demand that new development places on our parks, trails, open space, and recreation facilities. Impact fees are not collected for additions to existing homes, residential remodels, commercial remodels that do not increase the square footage, and electrical and plumbing work. For more information, please refer to the Impact Fee Enactment Resolution.

Impact fees are calculated based on the following schedule:

Year Maximum Impact Fee – Single-Family Per Unit Maximum Impact Fee – Multi-Family Per Unit Maximum Impact Fee – Commercial per SF
2021 $2,909.44 $2,804.02 $0.53
2022 $3,327.22 $3,206.66 $0.60
2023 $3,745.54 $3,609.84 $0.68
2024 $4,164.60 $4,013.71 $0.75
2025 $4,589.79 $4,423.49 $0.83
2026 $5,016.06 $4,834.32 $0.91
2027 $5,443.66 $5,246.43 $0.99
2028 $5,871.68 $5,658.94 $1.06
2029 $6,301.16 $6,072.86 $1.14
2030 $6,731.16 $6,487.27 $1.22

Impact fees must be paid prior to issuance of any building permit for new construction. Please email the completed Impact Fee Application and building plans (if applicable) to If you are unable to email the information, you may bring the completed application and applicable building plans, to the District Office at 1441 Ute Blvd, Suite 250, Park City, Utah for review. Payment must be made by check. After payment, a receipt will be provided for submitting to the Summit County Building Department.