Basin Recreation Trail Updates

April 17, 2024
basin recreation trail updates

Here’s what’s happening this week in Basin Recreation’s Trails Department. For an up-to-date list of all trail conditions, please visit the Summer Trails Report Map and click ‘conditions’.

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May 17, 2024
Basin Trails Report
We spent the start of the week in Vernal, UT attending the Mountain West Trails Conference. It was great to learn and connect with professionals from all around the region!
Was also a big week in trail dry outs too! Thank you for those who were patient and respected any trail closures we had out there. So here’s the run down:
~Trailside Bike Park: is all open and riding well. This includes the new Bamm Bamm! Big shout out to the team for all the hard work that went into this project. It’s new. It’s an expert line. Pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride.
~Glenwild: is all a go, including Bobs Basin. The only hold up is western Flying Dog from the summit bench to Preserve Connector intersection. Give it another week please.
~RTS: all the trails below the UOP are running, including Iron Bill. Moose Puddle and Olympic have another week or two.
~Discovery Ridge: the downhill trails are close but need a little more time. Toll New World is good and makes for a nice out n back.
~Summit Park and Canyons still have a few weeks.
Happy Trails

May 10, 2024
Friday Trails Report:
“The greatest deception men suffer from is their own opinion”- Leonardo da Vinci would like to remind us that despite the beautiful weekend ahead of us, the trails aren’t dry.
Winter gave us quite the mocking wink to start the week. We were out plowing commuter trails and trailhead parking lots both Monday and Tuesday mornings. Some cold nights since then held the moisture and it’s going to need at least through the weekend for the mid elevation trails to get back to where they were.
Same update as last Friday.
~Trailside bike park is good to go and your best option for dirt in the Basin.
~Glenwild: stay on the front east. Bobs Basin and Flying Dog are still a no go.
~RTS: mud
~Discovery: mud
~Summit Park: snow/ mud
~Rob’s / Canyons: snow/ mud
Happy Trails

May 3, 2024

We’re not mad… just a little disappointed. After a full recon yesterday, it was a bit sad to see the amount of mud damage from foot traffic and bikes. A few puddles are fine, but long stretches of mud, it’s time to turn around. A reminder to help with trail widening – go straight through the puddles, not around. This damage takes a lot of work to bring back and heal.
That being said, we had a great week putting the final touches on Bamm Bamm and hope to be trial testing next week, building rehab fences, throwing native seed on disturbances, evaluating lower elevation trails, and finished a full redo on an old trail section in Mtn Ranch Estates.
We had a lot of rain snow over night, small break in weather tomorrow, and winter is back Sunday through Wednesday next week. Pretty easy forecast for the weekend, assume it’s all slick.
-Glenwild: bobs basin is closed again until next weekend most likely. All of the back side is still melting out. If you do go out, go early if frozen, and stay on the front east side of Stealth and Blackhawk.
-RTS still a no go.
-Discovery is snow/ mud.
-Avenues on the west was good yesterday but will need a week now.
-Summit Park is snow/ mud
-Canyons / Rob’s area is snow/ mud.
-Bike Park will be closed through the weekend until next.
Let the trails breathe for a bit longer.
Happy Trails!

April 26, 2024

We’ll roll straight to it. The cliff-notes for the tread are please avoid! It’s looking like more of a book and a blanket type weekend than a wheels and heels. I know we were all starting to get that early dry out excitement, but NOAA has rain forecasted through Monday. Practice that inner Zen of patience until mid to late next week for any dirt related activities.
That being said ~ construction is back on track in the bike park with the big enhancements to Bamm Bamm. We’re hoping to have it reopened about mid to late May.
~Glenwild’s water line receded a little bit this last week. After the storm fully passes Bob’s Basin DH trails will be good to go! We recommend accessing them from Spring Creek and riding back along Rasmussen Rd trail. 24-7 between the top of Fink Again and Ant Farm is grease lightning. Anything above lower Cobblestone on the east and the bottom of Preserve Connector on the west are still mud / snow mix. So you guessed it… Flying Dog is still not ready to soar quite yet!
~Other usual suspects still on mud / snow hold include RTS, Discovery Ridge, and Summit Park.
Have a cozy weekend ya’ll!
~Happy (dry) Trails

April 19, 2024

Friday Basin Trails Report:
We’re excited to have finished wrapping up all the snow gear and spent some time on the asphalt and dirt the last two weeks. The team has been hard at work plowing away remaining snow drifts and blowing debris from the commuter trails. We’ve also been tuning up the bike park at Trailside and getting eyes on the lower elevation trails that everyone is eagerly waiting to adventure.
-Trailside Bike Park is all systems ago! (mostly) And being opened this morning. Respect the two closures at the top. Great Gazoo still has a significant amount of mud on the lower turns, and Bamm Bamm will remain under construction for the next month.
-The Trailside East singletrack, Saved By The Bell and Sloppy Joe are clear and in great condition.
-Glenwild is in its early days. Blackhawk and Stealth are safe to loop with only a few puddles and small snow patches. Bobs Basin and all of the backside remain a snow mud mix
-RTS is a sloppy mess! Please avoid.
Happy trails out there.