Trailhead Parking Regulations are Changing

July 17, 2020
Cars parked

Basin Recreation works hard to provide high quality trail experiences to the entire Snyderville Basin community. The popularity of the system means that residents near trailheads deal most directly with the results of its success. Residents near Rob’s Trailhead and in Summit Park have reported a range of impacts related to the high volume of trail use. There have been several public conversations about addressing these issues through more respectful sharing of trail amenities, but little has been resolved by the appeal for better behavior.

As a next step in controlling congestion and related impacts in both areas, Basin Recreation and its Summit County partners are implementing a parking regulation plan. “No Parking” signs will be installed and the areas will be patrolled. Once the restrictions are posted, enforcement will take place through ticketing, booting, and towing.

Additional parking for trails connecting to Rob’s can be found at the Park City Community Church, except for Sundays from 8am to 12pm. In Summit Park, please respect posted signage and do not block emergency egress routes near trail access points. Reduce your impact at all trailheads by carpooling and visiting at off-peak hours.

Basin Recreation acknowledges that Rob’s Trailhead and Summit Park are not the only congested points of access to the trail system. It will continue work on other areas where congestion impacts neighborhoods, employing both short term solutions such as these, and long-term planning solutions that will involve a multi-disciplinary team of participants.

In the meantime, we continue to ask you, the residents and trails users, to be respectful of your neighbors. Slow down. Park only where permitted. Clean up after yourselves and your pets. Turn down your music and your voices. Treat these areas as you would want others to treat your neighborhood. It is only through mutual respect that the trail system will continue to grow and improve.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to Matt Wagoner, Trails & Open Space Manager at